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Gramarye Issue 9 e-book

Gramarye Issue  9 e-book


The Journal of the Sussex Centre for  Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Order the ninth issue of Gramarye in pdf or mobi format. The printed edition of Gramarye will be available to pre-ordering customers and subscribers only. ISBN 978-1-907852-44-2.

This issue’s contents include:

  • Guest Editor’s Introduction, Ruth Bottigheimer
  • ‘The Fairy-tale Collections of Andrew Lang and Joseph Jacobs: Identity, Nation, Empire’, Andrew Teverson
  • ‘“As the World Falls Down”: David Bowie’s Role as a Father Figure in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth’, John Patrick Pazdziora
  • ‘Filming Tolkien’s Legendarium’, Shaun Gunner
  • ‘The Devil and St Dunstan’, Steve O’Brien
  • An excerpt from Cult of Chaos: An Anantya Tantrist Mystery, Shweta Taneja
  • The Skald and the Spaewife’, Judith Woolf
  • ‘Norse Codes in a Wartime Childhood’, Nicholas Tucker
  • A review of Bradford Lee Eden’s (ed.) The Hobbit and Tolkien’s Mythology: Essays on Revisions and Influences, Shaun Gunner
  • A review of Kirsty Logan’s A Portable Shelter, Katherine Langrish
  • A review of Stephen Jones’ (ed.) Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome, Katherine Langrish
  • A review of Kimberley J. Lau’s Erotic Infidelities: Love and Enchantment in Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber, Michelle Ryan-Sautour
  • A review of Michael Dylan Foster’s The Book of Yokai: Mysterious Creatures of Japanese Folklore, Judith Woolf

Gramarye 9 e-book