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Events 2017

Events 2017

Annual Special Education Conference

Annual Special Education Conference



Thursday 25 May 2017

10 am - 4 pm,

John Parry Centre, Bognor Regis Campus

A one-day conference for Early Years settings, schools and Post 16 provision, local authorities, health and social care professionals interested in innovative, creative and interactive technology to promote whole school inclusive practice.

Creative Approaches Using Technology in Inclusive Classrooms


Keynote Speaker: Helen Caldwell, University of Northampton

Helen has over 15 years teaching experience and held an ICT Co-ordinator role for nine years, working across a group of schools to develop their capability with ICT. She was an assistive technology advisor for Milton Keynes Council and a regional and web portal manager for the Open University Vital CPD programme. Helen’s university teaching and CPD work covers the use of technology across primary school subjects and implementing the computing curriculum and assistive technologies for SEND. She is a member of the Computing in ITT Expert Group supporting tutors and trainees in ITT in preparing for the new curriculum. Her research interests include eLearning and social networking in Higher Education, and computing and digital literacy in special education.

Keynote Presentation:

Helen will share three strands of her recent work about current trends in the use of technologies to support inclusion across the curriculum, as well as emerging pedagogical approaches in the teaching of computing for pupils with SEND in schools:

  • key assistive technologies supporting pupils with SEN in mainstream schools
  • immersive and multisensory approaches supporting special educational needs and inclusion
  • the relevance of unplugged approaches in planning meaningful and inclusive computing tasks across the ability range.





A beginners guide to using iPad Apps creatively

Chris Shelton and Mike Lansley, University of Chichester

Open-ended and creative apps provide multiple opportunities for children with SEND to communicate in different modes and to access learning at their own pace. This workshop is intended for participants who are less confident using iPads and want to learn how to use some creative apps with their pupils. We will focus on two apps: Book Creator and Toontastic and see how many different ways we can think of for using them in the classroom. Ipads will be available or bring your own.


An inclusive approach to literacy with Clicker 7

Phil Hackett - Cricksoft

Find out how to improve the reading, writing and speaking / listening skills of every pupil in your school using Clicker 7. Clicker 7 is already being used in thousands of UK primary schools to raise literacy standards and make the curriculum more accessible for children with special educational needs.


Plickers – the SMART way to engage with assessment

Heather Green: Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs

Plickers is a simple tool that will let you collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. Use Plickers for quick checks for understanding to know whether your students are understanding big concepts and mastering key skills. Plickers gives all students the chance to participate and engage in learning without feeling self-conscious. Come and experience this free resource for yourself through this very practical, hands-on workshop. Discover ways to adapt it for your students’ needs and consider future possibilities of assessment and engagement.


Widgit: Using Symbols to Support Learning

Amy Follows 

Participants will explore trying to communicate and learn in an ‘unknown language’. This will help them understand children who are trying to learn when their reading ability is poor. This will lead into looking at strategies to support children’s learning by using symbols. Exploring books, flashcards, learning activities where symbols can be used to boost learning.


Multisensory and inclusive approaches to art and music

Helen Caldwell

This workshop explores ways in which technology can combine digital and physical techniques to support multisensory and inclusive approaches to art and music, making use of mobile devices, VR equipment, projectors and sound.  


EduKey: Learning Plans and Provision Maps

Richard Morgan

We will give an overview of our innovative technological systems for managing Learning Plans & Provision Maps which have been carefully designed to assist SENCOs with the management and review of provisions and interventions in their schools for reporting on SEND provision.  With advice on what Governors and Ofsted will be looking for. 


Get Blogging

Heather Green: Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs

Blogging is a great activity to get pupils motivated, engaged and on task. Increasingly it is seen as an  effective way of interacting safely with the wider community. Since starting school blogging in 2011, we have had visits from 92,125 readers worldwide from Brazil, New Zealand and USA to pupil’s families across the UK. In our practical workshop come and find out how to put your school on the map and get pupils involved in sharing knowledge and learning, worldwide. Ipads will be available or bring your own.


A beginners guide to iMovie

Chris Shelton and Mike Lansley, University of Chichester

Film and video making is a powerful vehicle for sharing learning and accessing the curriculum for all learners. This workshop is intended for participants who are less confident using iPads and want to take their first steps in using iMovie to make films with their pupils. Ipads will be available or bring your own.


Sensory Guru

Terry Aylmer-Smith

We will create an inclusive environment that incorporates the latest interactive technology. This includes the Magic Carpet which has an increasing number of apps that connect directly to national curriculum content and can be used to introduce concepts, encourage discussion and test a learners knowledge and the Eyegaze system for playing and learning and to enable users hone in their eye gaze skills


9.30           Registration and Refreshments

10.00        Welcome: Diana Seach 

               Introduction:  Jon Spence - Director of the Institute of Education

10.15        Keynote Presentation: Helen Caldwell

11.15        Refreshments and market place  

11.45        Workshop 1

12.30        Lunch

1.15          Workshop 2

2.00          Workshop 3 

2.45          Refreshments and market place

3.15         Workshop session 4    

4pm        Conference ends


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Modern Foreign Languages Annual Conference 2017

Modern Foreign Languages Annual Conference 2017


Primary & Secondary Modern Foreign Languages Conference
Wednesday 14 June 2017, 9 am - 4 pm,

John Parry Centre, Bognor Regis Campus



Registration and Refreshments


Welcome Presentation: Dr Rachel Hawkes


Workshop 1




Workshop 2




Optional Lunch Session


Workshop 3




Workshop 4


Conference Closes

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